Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Enigma Spherical Wedding Cake

The 5th. March was a signature day for Rainbow Sugarcraft. The Team was one member down and had nine wedding cakes to be delivered to venues throughout Scotland - all before 1pm.
Why the tight deadline?
Well the ninth Wedding Cake was for Paul (the missing Team member) and his beautiful bride Fiona. The couple tied the knot at the Kingsknowes Hotel and chose this stunning spherical Enigma Wedding Cake to mark their special occasion.
Fortunately the rest of the Team all made it in time to celebrate, two just in the nick of time!
We all had a fabulous Day at Paul and Fiona's Wedding. It was a really happy occassion for Rainbow Sugarcraft and, of course, the Wedding Cake was superb (although we say so ourselves!)
Every Good Wish to Paul and Fiona who are currently on honeymoon in warmer climes. Hurry back soon Paul - we need you.
Photograph by Ian Cameron.