Monday, 18 January 2010

Best Wedding Cake Sword for 2010!

This has to be the Champagne Sabrage! This georgeously presented saber has a romantic history and makes a wonderful knife for ceremoniously cutting Wedding Cakes.

According to history the French Cavalry would ride into battle with a bottle of Champagne and with a skillful flick of the wrist cut the neck of the bottle clean open. Cork, cake and bottle neck all come away in one piece - an amazing sight to see. Even today the Champagne houses practice the art, the cork flying a huge distance followed by an impressive spray of champagne.

Now whilst we would not recommend trying this at the venue this beautiful sword also looks stunning on the cake cutting photographs and can be engraved with your names, Wedding date and Wedding Venue. This unusual Wedding cake knife comes in a fully lined wooden presentation box and makes a lovely souvenir of your very special day.
Engraved Champagne Sabrage Wedding Cake swords are available from the followink link:-

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